BOOM CITY TALK SHOW (1999 - 2001)


On May 1, 1999 The Crew Of Slam Productions, Inc. went on a journey to creating a new Television Broadcast that would not only bring you new ways to look at Public Access Television. Special thanks to Soundview Community Media in Bridgeport, Connecticut allowed Executive Producer Luis Cedeno & Producer Ricky Mestre to create a new look for Access Television. First came "Boom City" which was a Talk Show created by Luis Cedeno which touched on Local Community Affairs that was happening daily. Adia Johnson aka "Miss Boobie Queen" helped launch Boom City to whole new levels as we began bringing on Local Artist & Music Talent to assist with exposure of their hard work. The Show took off and new ideas were created for new Television Broadcasts. We began taking it to the streets of Bridgeport as wanted to become more interactive with our viewers. The plan worked and we not only became closer to our Viewers but we started to gain new viewers whom have never heard of our show. We then figured we had to move fast with our Production with Pre-Recording our Shows weeks in advance and pulling out one Live Broadcast a month. We were Pre-Recording at least 4 - 6 Shows a week which became a routine for our Crew. As we began growing we started coming up with New Show Idea's which lead us to creating; Boom City, Wrestling Insider, Da Latin Groove Variety Show & The Ricky Mestre Show.






Wrestling Insider was then created by Luis Cedeno & Orlando Ramos in late of 1999. Wrestling Insider touched base on World Wrestling Entertainment, Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling and Independent Wrestling. Wrestline Insider became one of the most popular Shows at Soundview Community Media going head to head with "Slamz". Bringing all the latest News in Pro Wrestling and leaking out weekly news  was a major hit. The show started to get the attention of Independent Wrestling Promotions from all across the East Coast contacting us to book their Wrestler's on our Show for Live Interviews. Wrestling Insider then began capturing the attention of Wrestling Legends who then began appearing on out show. In a very short time we begin Interviewing some of the great Professional Wrestlers from around the World. We were amazed when things started to take off... Interviewing such greats; WWE Hall Of Famer Afa "The Wild Samoan", TNA Knockout Gail Kim, Former TNA Knockout Tracy Brooks, The Original Sin, Psycho Stan, The Embalmer, Jay Busta and many others. Later in our Career we had the chance to meet Hulk Hogan, Gangrel, Jerry "The King" Lawler and Devon Dudley aka Devon Hughes who has become a very close friend of  our Executive Producer Luis Cedeno.






In early 2001 the Crew had decided it was time to focus on one show and that show was "Da Latin Groove Variety Show". This show consisted of every show we ever Broadcasted at Soundview Community Media. Da Latin Groove Variety Show brought you Live Interviews, Music Video Countdowns, Live Performances, Live Dj's and even Live Studio Audience. The show mainly focused on the Hispanic Culture and Entertainment aspects. Our show began to get the much needed attention to bring our show to whole new levels. We began taking our Broadcasts to the streets of New York City. With a full camera crew we hit the streets of Lower Manhattan meeting new people daily. We were honored to have well known Entertainers be apart of Broadcasts such as; The Naked Cowboy (New York Street Entertainer), Steve Wilkos (Of The Steve Wilkos Show & Jerry Springer Show), Tasha Makia (Recording Artist & Hot 97 Radio Show Host) and so much more. In 2002 & in 2004 Da Latin Groove Variety Show was honored at the Tommy Awards for "Show of the Year" as well as "Special Broadcast". After many years of hard work & dedication it all paid off at Soundview Community Media's Tommy Awards. It was a special evening for our Crew at Da Latin Groove Variety Show. On June 1, 2005 Da Latin Groove Variety filmed it's final Broadcast at Soundview Community Media. It was not only a sad day for our Crew but after six great year's together it was time to say goodbye to not only our Crew but to our listener's. We felt it was time to walk away from Television as we didn't want to over due our welcome. Sometimes we have to figure out when is the best time to walk away as in Television we can't last forever. We wanted to say goodbye while we were on top instead of being forced to leave because noone was watching. So we left at a great time. We are so greatful to all of our Crew who stuck with us from day one and Special Thank you to everyone at Soundview Community Media including Station Manager Tom Castelot for providing our Shows with a great home for six great year's. It has been an honor being apart of  your Family at Soundview. Thanks for the memories!!!





On May 5, 2010 Executive Producer Luis Cedeno was looking to create magic once again but on a whole new scale. Luis contacted Adia Johnson aka "Miss Boobie Queen" to throw around some ideas of putting together a brand new project. After five long year's of being away from Broadcasting the two have once again come together to create a Internet Radio Show called "Da Latin Groove Radio Show". The show was simular to the original Television Series Produced many year's ago. Luis & Adia were once again creating magic via the Spreaker Radio. In the Summer of 2011 Adia contacted the Luis to state she was stepping away from the Show due to health issues. We were once again on the hunt for a new Radio Show Host...


One evening during a Live Broadcast one of our Listener's Diana contacted us asking to appear on our show. "Miss Dirty Diva" was born. The flow between Luis (Dj Friktion) & Diana (Miss Dirty Diva) became magical to our listener's. The weekly fueds on air with Dj Friktion & Diva went head to head on many subject matters. It was a awesome match for Tuesday Nights. After a year of Hosting Miss Dirty Diva made the choice to step away from Radio as she was ready to focus on her family and her religion again. Miss Dirty Diva dropped the "Dirty" and became "Divine". Diana cleaned up her act and not only got her life together but focused on becoming healthier.


A good friend of Dj Friktion contact him asking him if he could appear on the show. Luis then brought in a great friend by the name of Michael "The Professor" Benson. It was great timing as we were looking to bring in yet another Radio Host. Luis then decided we were going to create a new Radio Program for Tuesday Nights specially made for "The Professor". Things were changing fast and with over a 500,000 Listener's World Wide...then came "The Weekly Rundown" which took over Tuesday Nights as our Talk Radio Program. We were then approached  to become part of I-Heart Radio Family in the Fall of 2013. We didn't hesitate as we said yes... after  a few weeks of waiting we got the great news. We are officially apart of one of the biggest Radio Networks heard around the World. During this time  we thought of a great idea...why not create our own Radio Show Network. That's when 102.DLG Radio Network was born. We began searching for Entertaining Radio Shows from around the World... our search came to a complete stop as we came across an amazing Broadcast "The Irish Psychic Radio Show". It consisted of a Radio Show Host who was giving away FREE Psychic Readings.  We were amazed by the following of the show and how Professional the Show was being presented. We then took it upon ourself to invite "The Irish Psychic Radio Show" to be apart of our Network and Gary agreed.


We continued our search for Hot Radio Shows and we came across "The Flashback Express" with Johnny G. This show caught our attention because of the great music this station was producing. We have always been a fan of Classic R&B, Blues, Funk, Disco....the jams kept us coming back for more that we decided to ask "The Flashback Express" to join our Network as well. Califorinia's very Johnny G said yes and we started our Network with four hit Radio Show Programs. We will continue to grow with 102.DLG Radio Network looking for great Shows to join our Family. We strive to make our Network a 24/7 Live Broadcasting Internet Radio Station. With you the Listener's who keep tuning in each week... we will continue to make this the number one Network on all  eight Broadcasting Networks which we will continue to serve for years to come. Thank you for your support.





     Tom Castelot


             John Ecay


       Ricky Mestre


   Manny Young


       Luis Cedeno


             Adia Johnson


      Orlando Ramos


   Steve Korosh


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 Stephanie Villanuea

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