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We here at 102.DLG Radio Orlando are here to provide you 100% Honest reviews with all products. With providing our reviews we are not paid to give our reviews at any time. We will never conduct any paid  Reviews with any Company at any time. Any Company is welcomed send us product for a future review.



When we Review Products we are always honest about it. We have owned many Office Chairs over the year's but this one right here by Morfan is probably one of the best thus far. Let's get started with our Review. First let me say that Morfan Chairs come in four variety of colors which we love which we will provide to you in a slide show to your left.



One thing we always look for is Comfort in a Chair. This chair has pretty much everything we ever looked for in a chair. Honestly from back rest


support to neck support it is all there. Whether, your having a regular day at the office or lounging around at home playing some of your favorite video games this chair brings you a very nice retractable footrest as well. It took me a few days to get use to the Morfan Chair just because my body was so use to our old style office chair. Once your body adjusts this chair is pretty sweet.


This chair has a few cool features you won't find in other Chairs which makes this one of the best out there. This chair offers you an adjustable headrest giving you anywhere from a 90-180 degree tilt with sway function. One of the cool things about this chair is that it has adjustable armrest to bring you even better comfort. So if your a taller guy like myself this Chair cane even a pretty decent adjustable seat to meet your height. Remember when I told you about the cool footrest? Well it's retractable and adjustable which is pretty sweet. One of the other cool things I like about this Chair is that fact that it comes with five wheels that are smooth gliding. Not like other brand Chairs that are rough and become noisy after a while. Now let's talk about one of the best features and I'm talking about back rest is adjustable up to a 180 degrees now that is pretty awesome. Oh, I can't forget that if you purchase one of Morfan's Computer Chairs and you use Promo Code # DLGRadioOrlando they are going to send you one of their Massage Lumbar Cushions that is a USB Plug-In. So, if you want to plug it into your PC or Wall USB Outlet you can getting a pretty cool massage.


Let's talk about the Pro's... this chair not only has many cool features that I think that many would like the Massager Support, Adjustable 180 backrest, retractable footrest, adjustable armrest  but the overall comfort of this Chair is top notch. I highly recommend this chair to anyone who is looking for one that is affordable. Usually these types of chairs are very expensive but for the price listed by Morfan it is well worth the Price. 


Let's talk about the Con's... the only down side to this Chair is the fact they need more variety of colors which I am sure will come down the line but for right now I think having the four types of color options is def a good start.

Overall this chair is a 5 Star Product. Please feel free to head on over to Amazon and pick up your Morfan Chair Today!!!