What’s On Your Damn Mind? (January 11, 2016)


So, today I am thinking of how in the world could someone really screw up something that was not broken, all in the name of so called advancement, the topic I am talking about is healthcare, and to be exact, “OBAMA CARE”. This was originally a bill proposed by Senator Harry Reid, now known as the Affordable Care Act, or Obama Care. What most Americans today would like to know is, what is so affordable about this healthcare, we are now forced to pay more, higher deductibles, less benefits, smaller in network care providers, to many pre-authorizations, and very little time spent with the physician, in most cases we are in the waiting room longer than with the physician, also to many more things that are wrong and this is just the tip of an over mounting iceberg waiting to sink our healthcare lives. The worst part is you do not have a choice in the matter, if you do not get healthcare through your job or buy it through the exchange, you will then be fined at the end of the year with a monetary penalty cost for not having healthcare, sound familiar Canada, Socialized healthcare at its finest, or as I like to say forced healthcare without rights. Well America now is the time to let your voice be heard, vote to get President Barack Hussein Obama out of office for good by not voting Democratic and let you voice send a powerful by voicing it to your republican Congressmen and congresswomen, as soon as possible. The conversation you have with the Congressman and women, should sound a little like this, if you cannot support your constituents by having a bill in congress to appeal “OBAMA CARE” then we the people will have to vote you out of office, in leading this fight you will then understand our voice has power and might just as our ancestors did voices did in their revolt for freedom. (WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA) God Bless America
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                  Michael “The Professor” Benson